With Article 50 on the horizon, and the new incoming Administration in the United States, the external economic environment is characterised by complexity and uncertainty. The timing to formulate new strategies to enhance the capacity and performance in trade, tourism and investment in this global context, is therefore extremely timely.

The Irish Chamber of Commerce has made a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs in response to its questionnaire and call for feedback on the new Asia Pacific and Americas Strategy – Trade, Tourism and Investment. The objective was to provide input from the local environment from seasoned professionals in the region. The short timeframe to prepare meant the Chamber was only in a position to discuss this first submission with a small group of members.

On Friday, 10th of February, the Chamber’s President, Conor McCoole will be providing members of the Chamber with information of the Chamber’s submission, which will be followed by discussion over a lunch at the Ireland House from 12:30pm.

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